Data protection

Daimler appreciates your interest in its products and your visit to this website. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our site. The protection of your privacy in the processing of your personal data is an important concern to which we pay special attention during our business processes. Personal data collected during visits to our websites are processed by us according to the legal provisions valid for the countries in which the websites are maintained. Our data protection policy is also based on the data protection policy applicable to Daimler. 

Daimler Data Protection Policy. 

Daimler websites may include links to other websites which are not covered by this privacy statement. 

Collection and processing of personal data 

When you visit our website, our web servers store as standard details of your browser and operating system, the website from which you visit our website, the pages that you visit on our website, the date of your visit, and, for security reasons, e.g. to identify attacks on our website, the IP address assigned to you by your internet service provider; this IP address is stored for seven days. With the exception of the IP address, personal data is only stored if you choose to submit it to us, e.g. during registration, in a survey, in a competition or in order to enable performance of an agreement. 

Use and passing on of personal data and limitation of use to specific circumstances 

Daimler uses your personal data only to the extent necessary for the purpose of technical administration of the website, for customer management, for product surveys, and for marketing. 

Personal data is transferred to state organizations and authorities only within the scope of mandatory national provisions of law. We have placed our employees, agencies and dealers under a duty of confidentiality. 


We would like to use your data to inform you about our products and services and, if applicable, to ask you about them. Of course, participation in such activities is voluntary. If you do not wish to take part, you can notify us at any time so that we can exclude your data accordingly. You can find further information on the relevant page of the website. 


Our website can be used to subscribe to newsletters. The data provided during the newsletter registration will be used only for the purposes of sending out the newsletter, provided you have not consented to other use. You can cancel the subscription at any time by using the unsubscribe option provided in the newsletter. 

Double-Opt-In and data collection

We use a so called double opt-in procedure for our newsletter. After registering you will receive an e-mail in which you have to confirm your registration. This confirmation is necessary to prevent third-parties from unwantedly signing-up your email address.
All newsletter registrations are logged in order to comply with all legal requirements. This includes the logging of the times of registration and newsletter confirmation as well as the associated IP addresses. Furthermore all changes to your data saved at MailChimp will be recorded.

Newsletter service provided by „MailChimp“

Newsletter distribution is executed by “MailChimp”, a newsletter distribution service provider of Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE #5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA.

E-Mail addresses (and all other data described in these terms) are stored on MailChimp servers located in the USA. All information are processed by MailChimp for distribution and analysis of the newsletter on our behalf. According to their own terms MailChimp may also use the data for optimization or improvement measures of their own services, e.g. technical optimization of distribution and visual presentation of newsletters or economic reasons to determine the recipients’ country of origin. MailChimp neither uses the data to pass it on to third parties nor to contact the recipients on its’ own behalf.

We trust in the reliability as well as the IT and data security measures of MailChimp. MailChimp is “Privacy Shield” (US-EU-Data protection agreement) certified and thereby obliged to comply with the EU data protection standards. Furthermore we concluded a „Data-Processing-Agreement“ with MailChimp. The subject matter of this contract is MailChimp’s obligation to protect the data of our users, to process them on our behalf according to their privacy policy and to not pass them on to third parties. To view the privacy policy of MailChimp, click here.

Statistical survey and analysis

This newsletter contains a so-called “web beacon”, a pixel-sized file which will be opened when downloading the newsletter from the MailChimp servers. As part of this download, technical information about your computer, browser information and operating system as well as your IP-address, time of access and the geographical location will be logged. This information will be used for technical service enhancements or to analyze the target group and their respective reading habits.

Further we will track whether a newsletter was opened, when it was opened and which links have been clicked. This information can be linked to single newsletter recipients however neither we nor MailChimp attempt to track single users. The analysis helps us to better understand our customer’s interests and reading habits in order to further enhance the content of the newsletter.

External Websites and Data Management

In some cases, the newsletter recipients will be redirected to MailChimp websites for example if the e-mail is not displayed correctly within the user’s mail client. Furthermore newsletter recipients can adjust their personal data such as their e-mail address. As well the MailChimp privacy policy is only accessible via the MailChimp website.

In this context we would like to point out that the MailChimp websites use cookies and therefore personal data can be processed by MailChimp and their respective service partners (e.g. Google Analytics). We have no control over this form of data acquisition.

Further information can be found in the MailChimp privacy policy. We would like to make you aware of the fact that you have the possibility to object the data collection for the purpose of advertising. Please visit or (for European users) to learn more about how you can object the use of your personal data.

Legal reference for newsletters following the template of attorney at law Dr. Thomas Schwenke. 

Central Daimler access service 

The central Daimler access service enables you to create a single user account to log in to all websites and applications of the Daimler group and its brands that are offered through this service. Click on the following link to read the terms and conditions of use for the central Daimler AG access service: 

Terms and Conditions of Use for Central Daimler AG access service 


Daimler uses technical and organizational security measures to protect the data supplied by you and managed by us against manipulation, loss, destruction, and access by third parties. Our security measures are continually improved in line with technological developments. 

Right to information 

On request, Daimler or the representative responsible for you will inform you in writing as soon as possible and in accordance with applicable law whether and what personal data relating to you has been stored by us. If you are registered as a user, we also enable you to view the data yourself and, if applicable, to delete or amend it. If incorrect information is stored despite our efforts to ensure that data is accurate and up to date, we will correct it at your request. 

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, you can contact our Group Data Protection Officer, who, along with his team, is available should you have any requests for information, suggestions or complaints. 

Group Data Protection Officer 

Dr. Joachim Riess 
Daimler AG 
HPC 0518 
70546 Stuttgart, Germany 


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